Book Review: #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso


Who does not want to know the key of success from zero to hero? From a “bad” girl to be a successful businesswoman? This book will tell you.


Sophia Amoruso, was a “bad” girl back then. Going through many problems as a very young girl did not make her lose hope.
What kind of problem did she have? Many. She smeared poop on the wall in kindergarten, was sent to psychiatrist who diagnosed her with depression and ADD, shoplifted and sold her first stolen book online, got hernia, also had jobs promiscuity.

Then, she sold vintage clothes on eBay and many girls bought the clothes. She named her shop Nasty Gal Vintage. Thereafter, she decided to move her online shop to a website, now it is Nasty Gal. None of business knowledge was learned before. She trusted important two things took part of her business success: customer understanding and free marketing. And now she becomes one of a successful CEO.

In the affirmative side, this book is really easy to understand. For a mediocre English reader like me, this book spoils me very much. So, people who want to start their business and/or have never learned business before can understand how to build a business without having confusion about business terms.

Her effort to adjust arousing quotes with story of her life is reflected in the beginning of every chapter, which is good. I also like her way expresses ending punches in every chapter. Because the book is about her life, some real photos of her help me imagine her look in the past.

She also gives some tips about how to get a job which is really helpful and it is applicable. And what I like the most from this book (what makes me put the book in my wanted-to-buy list) is the cover. I like Sophia’s pose and the pink color.

Unfortunately, I can say that this book is overrated. It attracted me by the time the book was displayed on a Books & Beyond’s shelf. With a pricey tag, I thought this book was an ultimate guidance.

This book has nothing to do with fashion industry. Because I don’t get knowledge about fashion at all. She only explains how her competitors wanted her business down and stole her idea.

Furthermore, reading this book makes me bored. I appreciate her advices but my mind says “yeah, i know that” like there is no value-added story or something that make my mind blown.

According to me, #GIRLBOSS is for those who are in despair looking for a job, rebel souls who wants to be succesful, and online shop owners. This book really suits you guys.

Overall, this book has 3.5 out of 5 stars from my point of view.



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