Book Review: The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe

Actually, I am not so into a thriller or a horror kind of book. Because once I imagine pictures of those horror story lines in my brain, it is hard to erase. However, I like to watch horror movie but then I need someone to accompany me to pee. Now I am trapped and it is because of the cover! I like the cover so I download the e-book and read it. I blame you, a-misterious-yet-elegant-black-cover! I thought it is about an adventure of a female witch, sort of.

The story begins with a man (also the narrator of this book), who is kind, loves his wife and loves animals so much. His wife also an animal lover so they pet some different kind of animals in their house including a black cat named Pluto. Their happy life ends when the man begins to drink alcohol. He becomes easily irritated, moody and hateful.

One day, the man comes home and pulls one of Pluto’s eyes out with a pen knife. What a frickin book I am reading. Then the next day, he hangs his black cat in a tree beside his house. It is all because he is under the alcohol’s control.

In the night of murder, his house is misteriously burned down. In the morning, he comes to his burned house and finds a figure of a gigantic cat with a rope in its neck. He thinks that his evil wants and the murder are because of the black cat. Black cat which has satanic power that makes him insane. He does not even think it is because of alcohol he drinks.

It has been months since the murder of Pluto. One day, the man sees a black cat just like Pluto. One eyed cat but with white hair in its chest. It appears out of nowhere. The man then takes it home. His wife is happy to have a cat again.

Is it Pluto? It is dead, isn’t it?

The cat follows him everywhere he goes. When he is sleeping, walking, wherever he is and it begins to irritate him. It comes to his mind to get rid of the black cat.
Feeling remorse of the previous killing? Yes. Until he finds a strong reason to destroy the new black cat. He and his wife see that the black cat’s white hair shape is like the gallows. It makes him loathes the cat more.

One night, he is out of control after drinking. He wants to kill the black cat using an axe but his wife prevents him to. Suddenly, he decapitates his wife’s head with that axe.

To hide the corpse, he wall it up in the cellar. Since then, he is never bothered by the black cat. He sleeps peacefully in the days after. After all he did, the cat disappears.

Where is the black cat? Is it gone? So, is it true that he lost his humanity because the black cat’s influence?


The cat is still in the house. The cat is on the man’s wife head inside wall in the cellar with its mouth full of blood. The man does not aware when the black cat enters the space in the wall while he is putting the corpse inside. In the end, the man is arrested by the police.

The end.

My thoughts?

When I am reading, it is a bit hard for me to digest what the author wants to deliver. The use of words is not direct. Also, I am not familiar with some words the author used. With my average English skill, I should repeatedly read the sentences to understand what the story tells.

The story is quite jaw-dropping and despicable. For some reasons I keep enjoying to read what the man will do next. Omg.

Then, who have burned the man’s house? Who draw the hanging cat figure on the burned house wall? Is that only the man’s halucination? Why the new black cat has the same characteristic as Pluto? How can its hair resembles the gallows?

Still a mystery to me.

So, bottom line, here you are, 4.5 out of 5 stars. Thank you Edgar Allan Poe.


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