Book Review: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Welcome, Harry Potter lovers! Both Potterheads and casual fans. For me to remember, that I was a die hard fan of Harry Potter when I was a junior high school student. I bought all magazines which had Harry Potter things in it. To read Harry Potter books was my dream came true because I did not have money to buy the books. So, I borrowed all Harry Potter books from my friend. The euphoria of Harry Potter brought me to be a Daniel Radcliffe lover. I loved Daniel Radcliffe so much that I made a scrapbook of him from many sources. Moreover, I wrote a letter to him but I never sent it (using blue ink and love mark in the bottom of the letter).

Enough with the nostalgia. Move to my review of the newest book of Harry Potter, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. So, I have read the e-book which I downloaded from ebook search apps. And now, let me dig deeper what’s inside this stage play script edition.

After reading the whole pages, my reaction was like “Fortunately, I do not buy the book”.

Hmmm. It was kind of disappointing. This latest book was not like the previous books which could bring me into my own wild imaginations of the story. Many hilarious scenes that I could not understand.

Spoiler alert!

In short, the story is about Albus, Harry’s son, and his friend Scorpius, Draco’s son, have a mission to save Cedric Diggory in the past using the Time Turner because Albus has overheard a conversation between his father and Amos Diggory, Cedric’s father. Amos wants the Time Turner to bring his son back but Harry lies saying that the existence of Time Turner is just a rumor. Albus knows her father is lying. So, Albus and his disciple, Scorpius, and fake Amos’ niece, Deplhi Diggory (she actually is Voldemort’s daughter named Augurey who has used Confundus Charm to deceive everyone) steal the Time Turner from Hermione’s office. Blah blah blah and in the end, Augurey is arrested and becomes a prisoner of Azkaban.


Well, here my thoughts.

First. In the midst of turning back time, Hermione and Ron is not a spouse. Albus and Scorpius say that Hermione becomes a psychopath because she is so heart broken seeing Ron and Padma, two lovebirds. Hermione then becomes a professor who teaches Defense Against the Dark Arts while Ron and Padma have a son named Panju.

Ok, a genius psychopath decides to teach a lesson in Hogwarts. What a kind psychopath. I mean, psychopath is not the right term for her.

Second. In another time in another place, Albus and Scorpius can save Cedric’s life by humiliating him during the Triwizard Tournament. It turns out Cedric becomes a Death Eater and kills Neville Longbottom.

Wow, humiliation makes someone a killer. Seems that “what doesn’t kill you make you stronger” suits Cedric. If Cedric is a Death Eater in the future and stays alive until Harry Potter 7, probably Edward Cullen cast will be a different person?

Nevermind. Just my random thoughts.

Third. Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange has a daughter. Wait, I can not even absorb this. So, Voldemort, a cruel, vicious, demonic Lord of the Dark World has such a sexual desire?

Well, I try not to imagine how they “produce” a daughter. With that nose? Seriously, Bellatrix? Are you even looking at him when…?

Oh, no you are wrong Ekky! They make a daughter with special dough, spell and potion in a witch laboratory.

Fourth. There are scenes where Albus and Scorpius hug each other. Like, very intimate. As if they have feeling for each other. Although it is obviously written in the book that Albus likes Delphi and Scorpius has a crush on Rose Weasley-Granger.

ALBUS hugs his friend. With fierceness. They hold for a beat. SCORPIUS is surprised by this.

SCORPIUS: Okay. Hello. Um. Have we hugged before? Do we hug?

The two boys awkwardly dislocate.

SCORPIUS extends his hand, ALBUS pulls SCORPIUS up into a hug.

SCORPIUS: That’s the second time you’ve done that.

The two boys break apart and smile.

SCORPIUS: You have no idea how good it is to see you again.

ALBUS: You just saw me two minutes ago.

SCORPIUS hugs ALBUS in the water, a difficult task.

ALBUS: I know, I think it’s a bonding thing or something similarly vomit-inducing. Still, you know, I think I’ll go.

SCORPIUS reaches in and hugs ALBUS.

ALBUS: What’s this? I thought we decided we don’t hug.

SCORPIUS: I wasn’t sure. Whether we should. In this new version of us — I had in my head.

*All excerpts are from e-book.

Now you know what I mean, don’t you? Yes? No? Four times in one book. Too many hugs, boys. I am sure Harry does not hug Ron this often.

So, ya. I am glad that Harry Potter is back. But according to me, the story is worth only 3 out of 5 stars.


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