teambreastmilk vs teamformula 

Hi moms, which side are you on? Are you a #teambreastmilk or a #teamformula?

Some of mothers will be proud of being a #teambreastmilk because breast milk is the best food for baby due to its all natural nutrients (all of them you name it) which are easily digested by infants. Beside, it is good for a mom-baby bonding experience. Skin-to-skin contact can enhance the emotional connection between mom and baby. And so on and so on. All good reasons mentioned by mother who is on #teambreastmilk side.

Some of mothers are on #teamformula side.  Considering many good reasons too, an infant formula is the best alternative for feeding babies. For some mothers who have latch-on pain so they temporarily formula feed her babies, maternal medical conditions so they have to take meds, breast surgery and many other conditions which make those great and brave mothers take decision not to breastfeed, formula is her babies’ savior.

Then, #teambreastmilk fights #teamformula in any way through social media, by telling all teories which #teamformula has also known, till doing jambak-jambakan (no, no, no way moms, we are all not that wild, right?! hahaha). For the baby’s sake, one way or another, the baby should be breastfed, they said.

In light of the above rivalry,  a tweet from Amanda Seyfried tickles me. I believe this one tweet deserves a retweet and a like from all mothers in the world.

Source: Amanda Seyfried’s twitter


Yes. Do you know judgement can kill? Do you know that judgement can destroy somebody’s faith and dream? Judgement is a murderer.

Somewhere out there, there was a new mother who commited suicide due to breastfeeding pressure. There was a new mother depressed because experienced mother judged her for not giving her baby breast milk but formula instead. A working mother with her incapability to produce high volume of milk was judged by her mother in law because that working mother gave her baby an infant formula.

If we see from bigger picture, a #teamnomatterwhatbreastfeedingisthebest vs #teamicannotbreastfeedsoformulaismychoice is actually all about, moms.

When somebody put woman against woman, #teambreastmilk vs #teamformula is much more different compared to #teamKatyPerry vs #teamTaylorSwift (I am #teamKatyPerry by the way), #teamFifthHarmony vs #teamLittleMix (I am not both of them), #teamPotter vs #teamMalfoy (I am #teamGranger, and it is NOT woman against woman, Ekky 😪).

It is totally different. Why? Because it is about a baby’s life. It is not just about a preference. All mothers’ preference is breast milk I believe. Further, we do not know Katy, Taylor, Lil Mix, Fifth Harmony, even less Harry Potter or Malfoy personally. Mothers know their babies well and so herselves. Mothers’ decision on how they feed their baby is their own judgement due to her own condition where it can be different in each mother. We believe that all mothers want the best for her babies in terms of everything. Further, what do you expect from mother against mother (alias emak-emak 1 vs emak-emak 2)? A world war 3?! As a woman, we should empower each other instead of tearing each other down.

Well, my point is whether you are a breastfeeding mother or a formula feeding mother, both of you are awesome. Despite any reason why a mother chooses not to breastfeed, she only wants her baby to be full and healthy. For you mothers, let us strive to give the best for our loved ones!

Much love,

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