Welcome to the world, Qai!

(*This article contains dirty words due to lack of knowledge regarding biological terminology ✌🏻)

Qai was born

Friday, 27 January 2017
I had brought my baby #1 inside my body for 39 weeks, due in early February. That day, I peed every 10 minutes and I pooped liquid (not diarrhea). I farted then I felt something came out of my ass (sorry). I thought it was my fart until I see blood spot in my underwear. It was thick and brownish red. My mom told me that it was a sign that I was gonna go into labor. Yet, I did not feel any significant pain. Based on my mom’s experience, she told me that was a sign that the baby would come out. She immediately went to labor nurse’s house right after she got that red spots. Well, I thought that the baby still wanted to stay inside because I just felt Braxton Hicks (*I am proud I know this term 😅) not real contractions.

Saturday, 28 January 2017
It was a normal happy day as a soon-to-be-mom. I walked for a half hour in the morning (I regularly do morning or afternoon walking since 8 months of pregnancy), had breakfast, done pregnancy exercise, and so on. Contractions came and went several times. Still pooped in a liquid form (it was not diarrhea, it’s like normal poop but watery. It was different, right?!). I updated my MIL about my last condition. Knowing that I had blood spot, she encouraged me to go to the hospital immediately because the baby was going to be out of the womb. I answered that I was still okay, nothing to worry about because the contractions were still fake (*answer of a new mom who knows nothing). But still, she insisted me to go.
About 9 p.m My MIL and FIL came to my house and made sure I was okay. I was. Then we discussed about my symptoms, when and what, my MIL asked me to go to the nearest hospital to check my pregnancy. All of us went to a Griya Raharja, nearest mother and child hospital which took only 10 minutes to arrive. Two nurses helped me to check my dilation. It was 10 p.m when the nurses opened my vagina and said it has not dilated yet. My family and the nurses discussed whether I should stay in the hospital or not. Then we decided to go home since it was not dilated yet. We were going home and went to sleep.

Sunday, 29 January 2017
At 01.30 a.m contractions attacked me. I began to go into labor. It was intense and sharp. Suddenly, I broke my water. I was panic and I woke my mom up to wake my dad up. We urgently go to Griya Raharja, again. The same nurses brought a wheelchair for me which was the right thing to do because I could not even walk. The pain was real. One of the nurses checked my dilation and it had been already 2 cm. She asked me to lay on my left side and taught me how to breath when contractions attacked back.

I will tell you how it feels. It was painful like when you girls got a period but hundred times sicker than that. When contractions attacked, I felt my stomach was stabbed inside. No one could reduce my pain. My mom caressed me but I punched her hand because that did not help at all, she only made it worse. Sorry mom. The more contractions came, the wider my vagina opened. I could feel my vagina opened widely and I could feel that the baby’s head was going to pop out. It was already 3.30 a.m when a nurse checked my dilation and she told us it was 8 cm. Two same nurses moved my body to birthing room. My mom also came in. They told me that the doctor has arrived and she would enter the room when baby’s head appeared.

Contractions became wild and very painful that I could not even speak. I managed my breath and that labor pain. My body was cold. Nurses said that baby’s head could be seen. The doctor came into room and gave me instructions to push baby out when contractions attacked. I opened my leg as wide as I could. Contractions came and I shortly pushed. The doctor said that I should push as hard as I could and I should push long. Contractions was coming and I puuuuuushed and puuuushed and puuuuushed very harrrrd.

THE BABY WAS COMIIIIING!! It was 04.32 a.m. It felt like a giant poop came out of my vagina instead of my ass. The feeling when the baby’s out was so relieving. The baby cried loudly. I felt so cold. A nurse covered me with a blanket. Meanwhile, the doctor and nurses cleaned my baby. I heard her crying and her crying healed me. I did not feel any pain. Then they gave me my baby and put her on my chest. I stared at her and I could not tell a word. I could not even cry. I was amazed that I just delivered an alive creature. But I had not get a happy ending, yet. I was thinking that the doctor said to herself “Sewing tiiiime”.

I knew that the doctor was gonna stitch me. They prepared something. “God, am I gonna be stitched? I am conscious and I can feel the needle”, I told my self.

When I write this story, I recall what I have done in the stitching moment and I consider my self a rebel, lol. I told the doctor, “Dok, saya gak mau dijahit”

I kicked the doctor. Seriously. That was not a joke. I kicked her and nurses, I struggled with every way I knew to keep the needle away from my vagina. I was really scared to be stitched awake. Why did not when I slept or she could give me anesthetic. I just did not want to be stitched awake. That was it. The doctor was frustrated and angry with me, lol. She never met a patient like this before. I was glad she did not give up. It took 30 minutes for the doctor to convince me to be stitched. She stitched me. The feeling was WOW. I could not tell you. Just feel it yourself when you have a chance.

Finally, it was done. I became a mother. My baby was healthy and cute. I was back to labor room. After all, I was exhausted. All I wanted to do was sleep. I slept and I had a nice dream.


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