Best Gift for My 26th Birthday

Thank you for your wishes!

Yes, I was having a birthday on Thursday, 8th June 2017 which I thought it would be just a birthday without any celebration.
I did not smell something fishy like preparing a cake or decorating a spot or that someone would make a surprise for me. I was with my parents the whole day and I did not secretly know that both of them secretly prepare something for me. Not at all. Even my husband was in Jakarta busy with his job. We chat several times and I thought he would just congratulate me via whatsapp or video call.

Everything was normal day and night on Wednesday. I nursed Qai and played with her, my mom was busy with her phone, dad was busy with something. Once again, nothing’s special. Then, my father was out to his friend’s house at 9 p.m. But why on Wednesday? Usually he’ll be hanging out with his friends (in bapak-bapak way of course) on Thursday night. My mom explained that one of my father’s friend was celebrating something .

My mom and I were still awake and so was Qai until midnight. Qai’s eyes were wide opened and she were still fully energized playing with herself. Some minutes later, she began to yawn. Sleepy and thirsty, I nursed her peacefully.

I heard the front door was opened and my father was home. Then, my mom turned the lights off. I still stupidly thought that because we were gonna sleep. Qai began to close her eyes. I began to be sleepy too. Suddenly, I heard a heavy voice singing happy birthday. I know this voice very well. IT’S MY HUSBAND’S!

Mas, Qai and I (aka Emma Watson 😬)

He and my father came into my room bringing 5 little cakes from the Harvest with 5 little candles. Qai was distracted, she pulled my breast out and looked at the source of noise. I didn’t believe that my husband’s home for my birthday’s sake. I really did not!

Five of us stared at the candles together. I made a wish then blew candles out. We took pictures and ate some cakes. I was blessed and genuinely happy!

Few minutes later, Qai, mom and I were sleepy. We went to bed and sleep. My husband was awake until sahoor time. That was a beautiful present for my birthday in my life. I love you Mas!

In the afternoon, my mother in law and my sister in law visited me. When they came in, they saw my husband and they were surprised that he was here. They have no idea if my husband went home. Good job Mas, even your family did not know what you’ve planned on my birthday hahaha. My MIL and SIL also came for Qai, they missed her a lot for sure because it was almost a month (or maybe a month, not sure exactly) they did not see the little baby. They carried and rocked Qai on their arms and suddenly Qai cried.

Maybe she was shocked to meet them again after long time. She needed time to adapt to new people. I calmed her down and nursed her. Ok, I tried to let her carried by her grandma once again but she began to cry. Harder.

Well, Qai must be sleepy. I calmed her down again, nursed her and carried her on a sling. Then she slept peacefully. After short sleeping, she took a bath and then slept again. She had a quite long sleep until Maghrib time.

My family planned to have a dinner in Jogjakarta to celebrate my birthday. My little brother, Usa, who lived in Jogjakarta suggested us to visit a new Transmart Carrefour. So, there we went. Arriving at Transmart, Qai was excited. She stared at lamps, people, and many interesting things. She looked happy.

We decided to have dinner at Uncle K, we took seats and we ordered some menu. Food were served and we had a good dinner. While we were eating, Qai was still amused by how bright and crowded the place was. She looked at things away and sometimes moved her legs and arms and then focused on some random things. I had finished my dinner then I let her sat on my lap. Afterwards, Qai began to look uncomfortable. She’s moving and moving and her face seemed frowned. Several times she whined and I carried her strolling around the first floor. I went to nursery room and breastfed her. Then I went back to the restaurant, she was unhappy again. Ok, it’s time for sling carrier again! It always works. I carried her strolling around the first floor again. And it worked. She slept on my arms. I was tired eventually then I sat down while waiting for the others to finish their dinner.

During birthday dinner

When my family go somewhere, My mom and I only have one job, to keep Qai and calm her down if she cries. And that was what I did. I was tired carrying Qai and I want my mom to exchange duty. So, I gave Qai to mom. After finishing our dinner, we moved to second floor. After few minutes on second floor, Qai cried. Again. Louder than before. O my God, this kid.

We tried everything to stop her crying. But it only made her cried uncontrolably louder. My mom, Mas and I decided to bring her to nursery room. Along the way, she kept crying. When we arrived at nursery room, I tried to breastfeed her but she would not even close her mouth. Mas carried her and I made a funny face to her and it worked! She laughed! We made her happy again.

Ok, we left nursery room and went to car. But she cried again. My Lord. She cried when we were inside the car. She cried along the way home. What made me sad was, she cried as if something had hurted her badly. Like she was injected with a syringe. She cried as if there was a monster run after her. And she cried for about an hour non stop. I was panic and I did not know what to do because I tried everything. I was so frustrated that I cried. I cried with her. My husband, my father, my mom had done every way to calm her down. We gave in. Qai was on my mom’s arms. She still cried but she was too tired. Right when we were home, she slept. She was exhausted for crying.

It was eleven p.m. when she was on her bed. I cleansed her face and hands and feet with warm water. I always do that after Qai has gone outside. I breastfed her and she felt asleep.

As a new mom, it was a brand new experience. Knowing that your daughter could do ‘that’ to you was a priceless feeling. It made me think that I should be a better mom for Qai. I will teach her good things and make her a good child. It broke my heart watching my daughter crying in pain. I promise I will take care of her no matter what.

In this 26th birthday, I wish I could be a good mom for my daughter, a good wife for my husband. Because they are my precious little family and I can’t live without them. Thank you for loving me and teaching me a lesson in my life. I love you, my best gift(s) for my 26th birthday! Truly, madly, deeply! ❤️


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