She The One

Dear My Life,

My life?
You bring me. Life.
Life that I never imagine I will live in
With billion kicks inside

Then you came out of my womb
Still remember how hard you cried
Like you were in pain
So much
Good, you were alive

My life is alive
The one i’d die for
Little girl who has tiny fingers
Tiny lips and butt
Small legs small arms
Closed eyes
Thick hair

I couldn’t even cry
I was amazed
That little sweet creature was on my chest
Grasping my breast

She was cold
Me too

Now we are warm
We hug and laugh
Cuddle and sing
Beautifully stare at each other
Looking into our souls
Which used to be one

She the one I will protect forever
I will kiss with no lust
Love 24/7

Dedicated to:

Qaireen Almahyra Wibawa
Sunday, 29th January 2017
04.32 a.m
3 kg – 49 cm


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